We are currently enrolling Trainers into the Rollology™ Program

The Rollologist™ Certification Program usually can be done in one weekend. You will receive a roller, workbook and other helpful tools to achieve your goals of becoming a great teacher. We offer support from a teacher trainer with just a phone call. You will be part of a ground floor opportunity in the fitness industry.


Licensed Rollologist™ Instructor

Licensed Rollologist™ Instructor

30 Hours

This course is the foundation to become a Licensed Rollologist™. The course will review using the roller for basic posture and alignment corrections. In addition to creating core strength, balance, stretching muscles, pain relief and creating flexibility in the spine and neck.

The LR course consists of 22 hours of classroom and particle training. You will be required to complete 10 hours of practice teaching. Within 60 days you must send a 1 hour Rollology™ Class that you have taught with 4 or more participates. The video will be set up for review and you will have a 1 hour assessment before you become a Licensed Rollologist™.

You will receive 1 Rollology™ Roller , workbook, and other helpful tools to achieve your goals of becoming a successful Licensed Rollologist™.

We offer you support from a Rollologist™ Trainer. You will be part of a ground floor opportunity in the fitness industry. Rollology™ can be a new career choice or add into an existing fitness practice. Rollology™ can work into a private practice for a chiropractor, physical therapist or can be taught as a group class in a dance, yoga, Pilates Studio or a gym.


$ 750.00/3 Days

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Licensed Expert Rollologist™

Licensed Expert Rollologist™

16 Hours

Rollology™ Pre and Post Natal

Rollology™ has had over 5 years of training with pre and post natal women. Rollology™ exercises that are designed with Pregnancy and Post natal recovery in mind. We focus on pelvic floor, stretching and lower back relief.

Total Hours: 16 | Cost: $450.00  


Rollology™ Advance

This Class is for the hard Core! We take it up a notch from the basic class times 10!

Total Hours: 10 | Cost: $325.00 


Rollology™ One on One

This is for the Chiropractor or Physical therapist who needs to give attention to each client based on their individual needs.

Total Hours: 8 | Cost: $295.00


Rollology™ For Addiction Therapy

Rollology™ has over 7 years of experience to teaching this Method to patients  in Recovery Programs. Addiction issues are a growing problem in the world. These group exercise class has proven results to help the addict in recovery learn how to reduce pain in a healthy form. Also helps with posture and self esteem.

Total hours: 8 | Cost: $295.00


Roll Lattes

Pilates moves safely combined with Rollology™ techniquesWith Pilates Certification

Total hours: 8 | Cost: $295



$ ABOVE/1 Days

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Licensed Master Rollologist™

Licensed Master Rollologist™

16 Hours

Once you have completed The LR Program and all the LER you can submit a request in to become a Master Rollologist™.


Must be Liscensed Exert Rollologist™ and complete 3 Specialty Rollology™ Programs


$ 75.00/1 Days

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